In may 2018 I got the chance to rent this great space. But I had no idea, what to do, the only thing I knew, was to make it a place for open minded people, like I am. So I thought about a lots of names an decided to name it "Boho Space". Not only, because of the style, but of the open mind of the bohamians, the digital nomads and all other great people. After two weeks of brainstorming, lots of bureaucracy and the founding the new company , we opened on 1st of June 2018. In front of us, there is a long way to make it great space and build a strong community. I have lots of ideas in my head and will convert the space step by step into out Boho Space.   

My name is Michael Hoffmann and I am the founder of Boho Space Berlin.


The Space

Boho Space is the space for open minded people, solopreneurs, digital nomads and all other people with great ideas. We offer you different business renting options, like your own office, a fix desk or a flex desk.

And if you need Space for your event, we have the perfect location for you.  Regardless if you need a place for your company event, want a cookingclass, a dinner or anything else, we can offer you a great space in the heart of berlin.




In the late 1980s this building was build as an office building for the "Arbeiter Wohlfahrt" in this formerly strange neighbourhood. After the AWO moved out, the house was sold to a company which renovated it and converted the upper floors into apartments. The basement and first floor were still for businesses and offices. The "Deutsche AIDSHilfe" moved into the basement and  opened the "Cafe positiv". They gave people a chance to get a education in the gastronomy. When they moved out in 2014, the place was renovated an under the name "Square Haus" a bamboo company used it as their office. In the former kitchen a cooking school "RunningPapaya Kochschule" for healthy and easy food was established. In June 2018, Michael Hoffmann, rented the rooms from the landlord and started to convert it step by step into a bohemian space, called "Boho Space". The total transformation will need a few months. 

Come and join us and shape the future with us.